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ASV Hovercraft Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications For ASV e2 Hovercraft

LENGTH 3.57 metres
WIDTH 2.03 metres
HEIGHT 1.35 metres
WEIGHT (Equipped empty) 230 kilograms
PAYLOAD (max) 330 kilograms
SPEED (cruise) 50 kph
SPEED (max) 80+ kph
PROPULSION Multi-bladed, ducted axial flow fan, 900mm diam
TRANSMISSION 2.6:1 reduction polychain belt
FUEL CONSUMPTION (cruise) 8.0 litres / hour
SKIRT Extended segment, neoprene coated nylon
65hp Rotax. Water-cooled, twin cylinder, 2 Stroke engine (other engines on request)

ASV can personally tailor the e2 to specific requirements. Standard and non standard accessories include:

  • Headlight, navigation and courtesy lights;
  • In dash stereo and speakers;
  • ASV e2 hovercraft cover;
  • ASV e2 sunshade;
  • Commercial registration available upon request.


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