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ASV Hovercraft Overview

e2 Hovercraft

The e2 Hovercraft is a fully amphibious hovercraft capable of carrying up to four adults and on any surface. It is like nothing on earth. From vast tidal regions, meandering estuaries, hard ground surfaces, snow fields, marshes and mangrove swamps - the e2 Hovercraft provides you the exhilaration of skimming from land to water, gliding along with no ground contact for interference or spinning through 360 degrees - a new dimension in freedom. e2 Hovercraft hovercraft assures confidence in their reliability, integrity, durability and operating efficiency. Its performance and versatility is unsurpassed. The e2 Hovercraft`s unique hull design incorporates the latest aerodynamic and hydrodynamic principles, revolutionising the transport industry and attaining international recognition as both a recreational and commercial vehicle. Whether for use as survey, patrol, search and rescue, joy ride or simply as a transport vehicle the e2 Hovercraft`s features make it the ultimate all terrain vehicle.

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Stability & Safety
The latest aerodynamic principles have been incorporated into the hull design of the e2 Hovercraft giving unsurpassed operational stability and safety. The fibreglass hull combines a high quality finish with low maintenance. This provides excellent performance on any surface. Actually, exceptional performance on any surface (sand, grass, marshes, lakes, rivers, beaches, snow, ice and any other surface). It can do anything a 4 wheel drive can do and it's also a boat

Occupant Protection
The e2 Hovercraft incorporates a sturdy rubber fender around the outer edge to protect the hull on those occasions when the craft is moored to a jetty or pier. The e2 Hovercraft floor of fibreglass and high density foam is rigidly strong and gives greater confidence and security should the underside of the craft impact on a hard object.

The high front fairing with wrap around windscreen offers the e2 Hovercraft passengers excellent protection and comfort. The advanced cockpit design allows the area under the front fairing to be utilized for extra storage space, for bulky items such as life jackets. The e2 Hovercraft enjoys generous leg room, and the spacious dry storage area under the seat for personal items.

e2 Hovercraft Comfort

Fully Aerodynamic Fan Duct
The fan duct features a large contoured intake, and a diverging exhaust providing increased thrust efficiency. In fact up to 20% improvement in efficiency of the forward thrust is directly generated by the duct. It also features optimum design as well as an air spinner cone, which increases air flow, thus maximising lift and thrust. These features also provide the e2 Hovercraft with decreased noise levels, increased speed, improved performance and handling, making this craft stand out amongst its competitors. It is the quietest of its type in the world

Hovercraft with Aerodynamic Fan Duct

Steering of the e2 Hovercraft is a breeze. The pivot point of the rudder is offset from the actual blade itself, allowing the rudder to swing in or out to turn the correct amount of air as required. The net result is that the e2 Hovercraft spins and turns better than ever. Steering is fun and requires very little training

Protected and Water Resistant
Great emphasis is placed on corrosion protection of the electrical system and engine. The battery is located in a water-resistant compartment. Access to the engine for servicing is a mechanic's dream. All fasteners such as nuts and bolts are stainless steel.

Technical Specifications:

Speed cruise 50 kph, maximum speed over 80 kph depending on the conditions and the skill of the driver
Hovercraft weight fully equipped 230 Kg (506 lb)
Hovercraft payload (with standard equipment): 330 Kg (725 Lb)
Hull: 3.57 m long x 2.03 m wide (12.3 ft x 6.5 ft)
Hover hight 23 cm (10 inches)
Choice of colour. The colours available are similar to the following car colours:
Ford Metallic Yellow (Acid Rush)
GM Metallic Green (Hot house green), Metallic Bronze (Tiger Mica) and White (Heron white)
Alfa Romeo Metallic Red (Proteo Red)
Engine: Two-cycle, two-cylinder 65 HP Rotax 582 UL liquid cooled engine
Exhaust system. Muffler and after muffler silencer exhaust system Ceramic Coated for protection from the salt environment. The exhaust system is integrated in to the duct to provide for mixing of the exhaust gases with the fan air
Electric start
Dual carburettors
Portable aluminium fully welded fuel tank mounted under the seat. Capacity of 24 litres with in line filter and fitted with quick release fuel line system
Fuel consumption at cruise speed 8 litres per hour (this will depend on the drivers skill
and conditions of the day)
Colour coordinated 120 cm (48 Inch) tunnel pad seat for tandem seating up to 4 adults
Colour coordinated non-slip mats
9 Bladed fan 91 cm (36 inch) diameter dynamically balanced
Drive system utilising nylon and stainless steel pullies driven by Kevlar reinforced gates toothed belt
Stainless steel fan guard/grill
All fittings are stainless steel for protection from the salt environment
Fully enclosed engine compartment
Lift system with equalizer air distribution duct
61 separate nylon/neoprene rough service skirt segments and drag flap
Six wooden replaceable skids
Colour co-ordinated windscreen
12V battery
Fully enclosed electrics with automatic reset fuse
Full instrumentation as follows:
Temperature gauge
Fuel gauge
Tacho and hour meter

Asv e2 Hovercraft Features

Now available for the e2 Hovercraft are the following items:

Canvas cover for storage and protection
Sun shade suitable for speeds up to 110 kph
Headlight & interior light kit fitted. Also included an all round light or a flashing amber light as may be required by some water authorities
Lanyard (Dead man switch)
Fumes detector
Passenger internal mounted grab handles

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