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Remote Control Turbo Hovercraft

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Remote Control Turbo Hovercraft

The All lander Remote control Turbo Hovercraft performs well on any surface, particularly those with a flat, smooth finish. With practice and persistence, the user can master the hovercraft to hover over water or land without directional movement.The hovercraft may not perform successfully if operated in long grass as too much air escapes from underneath the air cushion, depressurising the hovercraft's air cavity, resulting in reduced lift.

Recommended engines for the Hovercraft (see R/C Technical specifications page) allow the All lander to obtain easy lift, propulsion and handling with the use of a single propeller design.

The All lander Remote contol Turbo Hovercraft utilises a small but highly efficient internal combustion engine which, via the fan duct, pumps 25% of all air inside the body of the craft. This air is in turn directed into the hovercraft's skirt for lift. The other 75% of air generated is pushed through the duct to generate thrust, much like a full size hovercraft.

The hovercraft has two controls: one for regulating the speed (R.P.M) of the engine and the other for the position of the rudders. By increasing engine revs., increased lift and higher thrust is achieved, resulting in better performance. Directional changes can be achieved by manipulating rudder position, a slight flip of the rudder control will make the All lander Turbo Hovercraft spin slowly, whilst a full rudder angle will make it spin very quickly.

Every All lander Remote control Turbo Hovercraft sold includes a warranty which covers repairs and replacement componentry (except those parts excluded from the warranty) deemed to be defective, for a period of 6 months. Unauthorised modifications or repairs to the All lander Remote control Turbo Hovercraft voids all warranty rights.


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